The Lost Warrior

The Lost Warrior
by Neil Lynn Wise
ISBN: 978-0-9824855-1-4

The first book in the epic trilogy ‘The Return of the Lucca’ follows the adventures of Morgan Caeda and his companions.  Six thousand years ago, a war with the malevolent Lucca nearly destroyed civilization on the world of Kalnaroag.  What remains is a scattered collection of feudal city-states, most of their past glory lost in the mists of time.  And now the Mhoul, an unholy mingling of human and Lucca, seek the return of their dread sires.  After surviving a massacre that slaughtered his entire Legion, Morgan leaves his mountain sanctuary to search for the truth about the Mhoul plot.  (Available in Print or Digital eBook.)

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"I thoroughly enjoyed The Lost Warrior. Neil Lynn Wise successfully creates a different world, filled with creatures both familiar and strange. The Lucca are believably evil, and the mystery of their designs a sustainable driver to the story. Wise lays the foundation for a well-crafted epic and provides likable and accessible heroes. You feel they could be people you know, with everyday concerns and flaws, and yet extraordinary people, driven to sacrifice for a higher purpose. If you like "quest" stories, you'll like this. I'm looking forward to the second and third volumes."
 JERRY FARMER 94.5 ROXY, Olympia, WA

"A Good book, easy to read, compelling to finish. Could be called Fantasy, Science Fiction or Future world. There are enough mind games, fighting and a touch of romance to appeal to all ages male and female. I can't wait to get the next book in the series."

"The Lost Warrior was a compelling read. I quickly became submerged in the lives of the principal characters and, enjoyed the non-stop action, and the futuristic world portrayed by the author.
This book, was easy to consume, and went so quickly, I am looking forward to the next installment in this Trilogy! Plenty of mystery, deplorable enemies, non-stop action, and a love interest to boot!
I definitely recommend The Lost Warrior. Totally enjoyable!"
 DALE HUBBARD,  President/General Manager  Olympic Broadcasting Inc.

"A fast paced Science Fiction adventure of the first order, filled with murder, mystery and mayhem. The world of Kalnaroag is peopled with a variety of strange beings from very imaginative lands inhabited by bizarre creatures of nature. The writing is tight, almost poetic, providing just enough description to engage your imagination but keeps the story moving. This is one novel worth reading multiple times - something I rarely recommend or do. A national bestseller in the making."
 BILL PFENDER, Sage Bookstore, Shelton WA.